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Manufacturer of precision deep-drawn parts

About Us

PressTeck is one of the leading manufacturers of precision deep-drawn parts on multi-stage transfer presses. Partnership with PressTeck aims at long-term cooperation. PressTeck is a family business founded in 1993 and currently employs about 100 people in Muravera (Italy).


Sales partners

PressTeck boasts a worldwide network of representatives and cooperation partners. Teams in Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia and America are always at your disposal.
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PressTeck sales partners

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Reach out to us for a no obligation trial or if you’d like to know more about PressTeck.

PressTeck S.p.A.

Sede Leg. Via Meucci 19-25
San Vito 09040, Sud Sardegna (SU), Italy
Tel.: +39 070/99 31 148
Fax: +39 070/99 31 640
[email protected]