Deep drawn brass sleeves on green background


One sheet metal, many possibilities:
We have our finger on the pulse of deep drawing technology

We offer you tailor-made solutions - for every requirement, even the most unusual. We have even the most complex processes under control, including the feasibility analysis, production and testing of your deep drawn parts.


We employ deep drawing specialists as well as manufacturing experts. With their experience and expertise in toolmaking, production, secondary processing and testing requirements, we manufacture your perfect component.


Whether high or low manufacturing depth, whether medium or large quantities: With our comprehensive expertise we plan, manufacture and check your individual component. For a worldwide use.

Quality Management

You determine the properties of your component, we implement them. We bring every quality requirement into serial production in all batches on time.

Standardised and transparent processes increase efficiency and create the basis for reproducible products and consistent serial quality.

However, we not only meet your quality criteria, we also go one step further by ensuring that our environment and its resources are treated sustainably. This is a mission that we are pleased to commit ourselves to.


For your process reliability, tested quality according to certified standards has top priority. We use the following procedures for this:

  • Material testing
  • Dimensional checks
  • Surface testing
  • Functional testing
  • Residual dirt testing
  • Leak tests
  • Statistical evaluations

Tool making

The right deep drawing tools determine the quality of the serial run. That is why we bring our detailed and long-standing knowledge to each of our precision tools. We design and manufacture for you centrally at a certified location.

Our transfer presses have up to 20 stations. Each station consists of at least a stamp, a die and an ejector.

The parts are getting transported automatically from station to station by transfer tools. All these tools are made 100% inhouse.


Set up

The first-time installation of the transfer presses and the optimum coordination of the numerous manufacturing stages and transfer tools is the key to successful serial production. Here, toolmaking, production and quality management work hand in hand.



Material, size and geometry of the component determine the choice of the ideal machine. With our large press facilities, we can always manufacture your component cost efficiently and in compliance with the tolerance specifications. Capable and reproducible over the entire life cycle.


Secondary operations

We have a large number of machines for a wide range of further machining processes, such as tumbling, machining, calibrating or shot-peening. With our continuous furnaces we can anneal the components in-house and thus set the desired mechanical properties.


Assembly and testing

Whether clipped, crimped, soldered or welded: The assembly of deep drawn parts into assemblies is fully automated. Depending on the requirements, the components are 100% tested in line and placed in individual packaging. Our measuring room is equipped with the most modern 3D coordinate measuring technology. Chemical tests, such as residual dirt analyses, are possible in our laboratory.


Sampling and documentation

After production of the first samples, we check all functions of the serial tools in our measuring centre and approve the design for serial production in consultation with you. Whether VDA, AIAG standard or others, we sample the components according to your specifications. Our certified quality management system guarantees complete documentation and traceability.


Servicing and maintenance

Whether mechanics, electrics, electronics, or software: We take care of all maintenance and service issues. We not only manufacture our tools completely in-house, but also maintain our production machines completely on our own. This allows us to remain independent of external technicians, to be responsive and flexible at all times and to guarantee our ability to deliver at all times.

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