Case Consumer

Three from one source

For the exclusive fountain pens, ballpoint pens and roller balls of a writing instrument manufacturer, we use deep drawing technology to produce aluminium parts in large series.

The product


Fountain pens, ballpoint pens and roller balls are pleasantly in your hand, they look noble. The seamless, deep-drawn aluminum cover and body give the writing instrument edition an exclusive look.

The requirements


When the manufacturer planned to launch this new edition, he had it specially designed by a well-known designer. However, since the latter did not pay any attention to the manufacturability of the parts, the customer was faced with the great challenge of finding a supplier who could produce the parts on a large scale without having to make any concessions in terms of design.


It goes without saying that with such a noble product, every component must be of particularly high quality. With regard to the subsequent processes for aluminium parts, it is particularly important to ensure that the surfaces are clean and do not show any damage that is later visible to the end customer.


We accepted this challenge and convinced the customer above all with our experience in the field of aluminum and because we can guarantee the required forming length of the aluminium parts as well as offer the manufacture of all parts from one source.

The solution


As in this case a high surface quality and a high forming height were necessary, we decided to use a soft raw material that allows a gentle forming. After the manufacture of prototypes, we made final adjustments to the drawing and created the necessary serial tools.


By using the transfer technology, necessary piercing and coining can be integrated in the press, so that corresponding secondary processes are not necessary.


Afterwards, a robot-controlled cutting and placement system takes over the special packaging requested by the customer. Specifically: A robot takes the parts out of the tool and places them individually in the foam containers where they are specially protected. This packaging process is coordinated with the subsequent processes of our customer, so that he too can efficiently handle large-scale production.

At a glance

  • Manufacture of aluminium parts using deep drawing technology
  • Large-scale production
  • High requirements on the surfaces
  • Integration of different forming processes on the press
  • Customised packaging

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