Example for the capabilities of deep drawing


We start where others stop: Concentrated expertise for deep drawing

Pressteck is one of the world's leading specialists for deep drawn individual parts on transfer presses and for processing them into assemblies.


In this chipless tensile-compressive process, we manufacture hollow parts in several stages from a metal strip, which among others can be aluminum, stainless steel, copper or brass.


Compared to other processes, deep drawing has decisive benefits: Material consumption and production costs are lower, and at the same time the strength of the components is higher.


We are highly innovative and optimise the deep drawing technique beyond what is currently possible. We manufacture your individual component from coiled sheet metal and master demanding geometries and high degrees of forming.




In our in-house toolmaking shop, we design and produce all our tools completely in-house. Based on your drawing, the decisive components are created so that your individual component can be produced efficiently and capable over several stations in the press.


We have more than 50 presses of different sizes, number of steps and press forces available in our manufacturing facilities to produce the deep drawn parts cost efficiently.

It is only possible to manufacture the components on transfer presses, if the individual stations in the press are perfectly matched to one another. We master this to perfection.


For us, the deep drawing process is only the starting point. By integrating a large number of other forming processes within the press, such as piercing, rolling, coining or even thread cutting, there are virtually no limits to the design of the components. This makes it possible for us to substitute turned parts, among other things, and thus to create high cost benefits.


Our manufacturing is certified according to ISO-9001, IATF-16949 and ISO-15378.

Every day we work on pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The full know-how of our own toolmaking department is available to us. In cooperation with the press manufacturers, we are continuously developing the units further.


Using soft tools, we have the possibility to provide you with prototypes quickly and efficiently.


Besides the economic efficiency of your products, we also always consider the environment. We are committed to manufacturing in compliance with the guidelines of ISO-14001 and beyond, with the lowest possible emissions and careful use of resources.


Everything with one goal:  Your component is perfect.

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